9 WEEKs to a Make A Difference Year

Dear Difference Maker,

We have all encountered distressed students and adults who exhibit intense emotional reactions and behaviors.

Lost Cause Kid is a movie for educational professionals and parents who live and/or work with emotionally distressed youth. 

This true story also holds the “key” to life’s most challenging relationship issues.  The Key to positively impacting an emotionally intense situation is: stop judging and start connecting in ways that are deliberately understanding and compassionate.  We’re making this far more difficult than it needs to be.

Our short 10 min. movie is all about doing (and thinking) something simple (and different) in the face of chronic emotionally intense, disruptive situations and behaviors. What works with kids also works with people of all ages as well.

I hope you will grab a cup of coffee, turn up your speakers and make time to watch it. 

We welcome you to forward this on to those who will benefit from the simple, immediately applicable concepts it so beautifully, and peacefully illustrates. 

Reaching out …

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Mary Robinson Reynolds

FIRST 9 Weeks after Summer Vacation!
Excerpt from 9-Week Make A Difference School Curriculum

Did you know that you just need … 9 Weeks to achieve a high level of productivity and an exponential impact ‘Make A Difference’ Year!   Seem too good to be true?

Why nine weeks?

As a teacher, I felt the first nine-weeks of every school year set the stage for the entire year. I knew – down to my toes – that if my students’ social and emotional needs were met within the walls of my classroom, it would extend out and they would be highly functional for the rest of the school year. Life for the entire school year would be very, very good.

It just takes nine!

Through teaching children, educators, and parents how to build a compassionate community, we dramatically raised emotional intelligence – EQ – and therefore academic performance.

Because of building a safe, synergistic community in the classroom FIRST, my students averaged 2.5 to 3 years of academic growth each year, and I had approximately 55%-60% at-risk youth population.

How did I do this?

My goal was simple. I placed the children’s social and emotional needs above my concern about making it through “X number of pages” per week.

First Things First.

In the first 9 weeks of the school year, every – and I do mean “every” – single time a social or emotional situation played out in the classroom, lunchroom or play ground, we had an open discussion – no matter how long it took.

Take it exactly as it comes. Don’t avoid, dismiss or ignore what’s in front of you to take care of right there, right then. The payoff in nine weeks will be huge.

Start with The Fundamentals:  COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING

With the pressure to get kids to score high on achievement tests today, you simply must deal with the emotional and social issues first. Everything after that becomes the foundation for everything you could ever want the educational experience to be.  And I have the way you can do just that!

Here’s your School OPENER – WEEK 1


WEEK 3 of my 9-Week Make A Difference School Curriculum so you can see just how DOABLE this is!

You can DO THIS … teaching is incredibly rewarding when students are actively learning and directly involved in each other’s well being.

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The Kids We Lose -Trailer

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